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If your goal for the new year is to focus on self-care and wellness, then it is well worth it to explore the packages offered by Altered State’s Wellness. Packages are designed to help individuals who regularly use saunas, cold plunges, sensory deprivation floats, and other alternative wellness practices on a regular basis.

At Altered States Wellness, our variety of package options offers great deals on many of our most popular services. A few of our favorites include:

Introductory 3-Float Special

Young woman floating in Spa bath or swimming pool, she is very relaxed. Welness concept.

This package is the ideal option for those new to sensory deprivation floats. It includes three 60-minute floats priced at $139. Whereas an individual 60-minute float is priced at $69 per session, this package deal offers savings of more than $20 per float. We recommend doing one float a week over a three week period to get the full benefits from this incredible package deal.

Cold Plunge 10-Pack

Cold Plunge Therapy

If cold plunges are your cup of (iced) tea, then this deal is something you will want to see. This package includes 10 cold plunges that can be used over the course of a year from the purchase date. This is a great option for athletes or for those who live an active lifestyle. To top it off, this deal includes savings of $10 per float, making this a deal that you don’t want to pass up on!

60-Minute Float 5-Pack and 10-Pack

For those who love sensory deprivation floats, this is a deal for you. These package deals on our 60-minute float sessions can save individuals anywhere from $19 to $24 depending on the package deal chosen (that’s a total range of $95-240 worth of savings!). If you plan on adding sensory deprivations to your wellness routine, this is a great option to choose!

90-Minute Float 5-Pack and 10-Pack

Do you really love sensory deprivation floats and find that 60-minute sessions just are not enough? Our 90-minute float packs may be more up your alley. This deal offers savings between $46 and $240 depending on the package deal chosen. This is the ideal package option for those who have sensory deprivation floats as part of their wellness routine.

Fire & Ice 10-Pack

If you enjoy the combination of a hot sauna and a cold plunge, then our Fire and Ice 10-pack is perfect for your needs. Each 60-minute session in a private room is $10 less when purchased within the package deal than if they were booked individually. If this form of physical therapy is part of your wellness routine, then this package deal is something you will have to book.

30-Minute and 60-Minute Recovery Room 5-Packs

Recovery after any physically or mentally demanding session is important. That is why we include 5 and 10-pack recovery room packages. Each session allows an individual either 30 or 60 minutes to recoup from their wellness session in a comfortable environment. This is a must-have package for anyone who enjoys our more rigorous session options.

Book Packages with Altered States Wellness

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Ready to book a package with Altered States Wellness? Getting started is easy! Simply give us a call at 972-393-0913 to have one of our dedicated staff members help book your chosen package deals. Have questions or concerns about any of our services? We can help with that too!

To view all of our package options, please click here.

Making sure you have everything you need to invest in self-care and wellness is easy with Altered States Wellness. Our goal is to help all of our guests reach their full potential while providing the best care possible.

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