Invest in Self-Care with Altered States Wellness

Self-care is an important part of maintaining a healthy balance in life. After all, we cannot fill from an empty cup. That is why Altered States Wellness is available to help you prioritize self-care and help you on your journey to fulfillment.

At Altered States Wellness, our goal is to help everyone who walks through our door feel the happiest they can be. That is why we offer a variety of services designed to help promote alternative wellness and self-care.

Why Self-Care is Important

Think of yourself as a plant. Plants require certain things to not only survive but to thrive. And like a plant, we require the right balance of care.

Without practicing self-care, we run the risk of burnout, health problems, and mental weariness. This can mean treating yourself to a special service like that offered by Altered States Wellness or by just doing something you enjoy. However you choose to practice self-care, you are investing in your health and happiness!

How Altered States Wellness can help with Self-Care

At Altered States Wellness, we have many options to promote self-care and wellness. From themed float rooms to cold plunges, to infrared saunas and more, we have something for everyone.

Customizable Services

Do you only have time for a quick session or would you like to treat yourself to a longer session? We can cater to both! When booking an appointment, guests can select from several different time options to best fit their needs.

Experiences that You Won’t Forget Anytime Soon

Looking for a combo deal such as a cold plunge and an infrared sauna session? At Altered States Wellness, we have you covered! What about making self-care part of your date night? We can do that too!

Whether it is our Fire and Ice session or our Ultimate Date Night Experience (or any of our other wonderful options), these are experiences that are sure to make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Memberships & Package Deals that will make both you & Your Wallet Happy

Want to make self-care part of your normal routine? Our package options may be the right fit for you. We offer a variety of package deals that will not only help you reach your self-care goals but also make your wallet happy! Package deal holders receive discounts on package rates, with the savings dependent on the individual package and service.

Individuals with memberships get additional perks depending on the tier level they sign up for. Some of our members’ favorite perks include:

  • 20% – 35% off additional services (depending on tier purchased)
  • Flexible credits that can be used for our services
  • Credits can roll over each month

However you look at it, there are multiple ways to practice self-care while still saving money with Altered States Wellness. And with so many options available, there is something for everyone.

How to Book an Appointment with Altered States Wellness

Booking an appointment with Altered States Wellness is easy! Simply go to our website and click the Book Now button. From there, guests can select the services, add-ons, and dates they would like.

Would you like to give someone self-care as a gift? We can do that too! Simply give us a call at 972-393-0913 to speak one-on-one with our dedicated staff members. Our goal is to help ensure that every experience with Altered States Wellness is a positive one!

Have a question or concern about your upcoming appointment? Give us a call or send us an email at We cannot wait to help make your self-care goals become a reality!

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