Make Self-Care a Priority in 2024

2024 is fast approaching and with it comes our resolutions for the new year. Some people want to hit the gym, others want to give up bad habits, and some of us want to invest more into self-care. Investing in any New Year’s resolution can be a challenge, even when we have the best intentions. Thankfully, some places can help make sure you achieve those goals going into the year ahead.

Altered States Wellness is dedicated to helping all those who walk through our door. Our goal is to help individual be their healthiest and happiest selves. That is why we offer a variety of services designed with that goal in mind.

Cold Plunge

Cold water immersion therapy, popularly known as a cold plunge, is a chilly dip with great health properties. This form of hydrotherapy is popular among those who live an active lifestyle, mainly for its ability to reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, and reduce stress. Some research has even suggested that using cold plunge therapy can boost an individual’s immune system.

Infrared Sauna

If the cold is not your cup of tea, then an infrared sauna may be the right fit for you. This form of psychical therapy uses the electromagnetic light spectrum to unlock benefits such as detoxification, inflammation reduction, and decreased stress. Infrared Saunas are a great option for individuals from all walks of life.

Sensory Deprivation Float

Need an experience that is designed to help you relax? Then a sensory deprivation float may be just what you need. Using Epsom salt and water to create a relaxing sensation of weightlessness, sensory deprivation floats are known to produce anti-inflammatory and detoxing effects. Once you try a sensory deprivation float for yourself, it is easy to see why this form of therapy is so popular.

Fire and Ice Therapy

Why choose between a cold plunge and an infrared sauna when you can have the best of both worlds? Fire and Ice therapy utilizes a combination of cold plunges, infrared sauna, and breath work to flush out metabolic waste and muscle recovery. This service offered by Altered States Wellness is popular with those who lead an active lifestyle.

NormaTec Boots

Is compression therapy what you are looking for? Then you will want to try our NormaTec compression boots. By using strategic patterns of compression, this form of therapy is known to reduce muscle fatigue, assist with workout recovery, and increase circulation. Some studies have even suggested that compression therapy can help with chronic pain in certain circumstances.

PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMF therapy, utilizes electromagnetic waves to assist in the body’s natural healing process. Other perks of PEMF therapy include inflammation reduction, stress relief, and sleep promotion. This form of psychical therapy is used by individuals from all walks of life, from high performing athletes to those just looking to improve their quality of life.

Altered States Float Therapy

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