Welcome to Altered States Wellness Center (formerly Float Coppell), where we’re on a mission to revolutionize wellness. Our motto, “Alter your state, change your mind,” is more than just words—it’s our mantra. We’re not here to blend in; we’re here to stand out and empower you to do the same.
Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey to unlock your inner potential, the natural way. Our personalized coaching at every session is your ticket to transformation. Step into a realm of uncharted wellness territory where boundaries are meant to be pushed.
Experience a boutique spa like no other, where sensory deprivation float therapy, bone-chilling cold plunges, and our detoxifying infrared sauna collide to reshape your senses. Discover our state-of-the-art Recovery Room that includes the power of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) sessions and the rejuvenating benefits of compression therapy. It’s a sanctuary designed for optimal recovery, where your body and mind are restored to their prime. 
But we don’t stop at services. Dive into our array of vitamins, supplements, and nootropics carefully curated to supercharge your daily life. At Altered States Wellness Center, we’re not just about wellness; we’re about rewriting the rules of feeling your absolute best.
It’s time to alter your state, change your mind, and transform your life. Ready to join the rebellion?

Ever wondered why there aren't more hours in the day? We do too.

At Altered States, we thrive on pushing boundaries. We embrace the challenge of maintaining razor-sharp minds, conquering stress and defying fatigue.

Our obsession?
Elevating your body's performance to the highest level. We know exactly what that feels like, and we're here to share the secrets to unlock your full potential.

From The Owners

We became so passionate about alternative therapies that we dove headfirst into opening a wellness center to share what we had learned with others. When you stop by Alterd States, you will find a friendly staff that will walk you through all you need to know about Float Therapy and any of our products and services that may be right for you.

By bringing our health back to the forefront, we have found more purpose that we didn’t even know was missing before. Our hope for you if you are struggling, is that you will have an open mind and put your health first. 

We are here as a resource for you and look forward to growing together. We offer a safe and comfortable environment, so feel free to come get vulnerable with us and let us help you take your life back. Our goal is to bring wellness to the community and help you feel better naturally. Contact us today or stop in and chat with us today.

Ultimate Date Night Package

With this experience, you and your partner will enjoy a blissful 60-minute couples float. As you float effortlessly side by side, all the cares of the world melt away, leaving only the soothing embrace of warm water and a serene ambiance. It’s a journey into pure relaxation and connection, setting the tone for an evening you’ll cherish forever.
But that’s not all. After your rejuvenating float, you’ll be provided a private candle lit room where you will enjoy a thoughtfully curated charcuterie. And what’s a celebration without some bubbly? A chilled bottle of champagne (or mocktails!) will be at your service, ready to toast to your love story.
And because we believe in making memories that linger, we’re gifting you a bouquet of fresh flowers to take home. A fragrant reminder of the evening’s magic, these blooms will grace your space with beauty long after the night has passed.


Altered States is your sanctuary for self-discovery and meaningful connections. Delve into one of our unique experiences, each thoughtfully tailored for different occasions. 
Embrace the ultimate journey of rejuvenation with our Altered State Experience, where every service is meticulously arranged for a full mind, body, spirit experience. 
Looking for an unforgettable date night? Our Couples State Experience offers an enchanting blend of luxury and romance, complete with champagne and a gourmet charcuterie board. 
And for those special gatherings or celebrations, our Group State Experience is the perfect choice, promising a memorable outing with friends and loved ones.
Join us and immerse yourself in experiences that transcend the ordinary. For a fully customized experience, contact us at 972-393-0913.

Vitaman-C Showers

Experience our NEW Vitamin C infused showers included with every sensory deprivation float therapy session. Our private float rooms are now equipped with Vitamin C infused shower heads for the ultimate spa experience. 

Topical Vitamin C has been linked to anti-aging benefits, such as improved skin texture and a vibrant complexion. Refresh and re-energize in your private shower before and after your float session.

Membership Packages

Hey there, relaxation seeker! Ready to upgrade your wellness routine? Look no further, because our membership program is your passport to better health, without breaking the bank! For just $59 a month, you’ll get VIP access to a world of wellness including:

  •  1-Hour Float Session:With our membership, you’ll score a FREE 1-hour float session every single month. Say goodbye to worries, and hello to inner peace.
  •  Sauna Session: Enjoy the detoxifying benefits of our sauna, with a session every month.
  • 20% Off All Extras: Treat yourself like royalty with an exclusive 20% discount on all additional sessions and services for you AND your family.
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